Happiness through Phyto-Chemistry

90 Vegetarian Capsules

Voluntastrols maintain and support:

  • A healthy mood and emotional balance
  • Cognitive and mental function

  • Mental concentration, focus and clarity

  • General mental well-being and energy

  • Brain health

  • The relief of inflammation

Voluntastrols support those with:

  • Low mood, mental fatigue or stress

  • Depression

  • Concussion or brain injury (including stroke)

  • The effects of brain aging

  • Diminished Brain Resilience


A new approach to improving mood and brain health!

Relieve, Rejuvenate, Rebuild, Mood and Depression,

Concussion, Brain, Injury and Stroke.


Voluntastrols are an innovative complex of specific proprietary botanical extracts working synergistically to support:

  • mental concentration & clarity

  • cognitive function

  • brain health

  • healthy mood & emotional balance

  • mental wellbeing

  • the relief of inflammation

  • improved brain resilience



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