Vegetarian Mushroom Soup/Gravy Mix 22 oz.

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 • NO artificial food coloring
• NO artificial preservatives
• Cholesterol Free
• Vegan Vegetarian
• CHIP Approved
• No Trans Fats
• 50% less sodium than most other brands

Suggested uses:  soup, stews, gravy, fried rice, and stir fry!

Directions for Mushroom Soup/ Gravy Mix: For every 1/3 cup powder: use 2 cups soy milk (or your preference of milk) for concentrated mushroom soup, or 3 cups for gravy, or 4 cups of your choice of milk for soup.

Ingredients: Potato starch, rice flour, mushroom extract powder, salt, yeast extract, dehydrated mushrooms, onion powder, sugar, garlic powder, spice.


Blaney’s Vegetarian Mushroom Soup/Gravy Mix is a much healthier alternative!

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Weight .700 kg
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 22 cm