Sambrosa Sleep Juice


Sleep Juice can be used in the following cases:

To Stimulate the process of falling asleep,

To Stimulate sleeping through the night,

To Stimulate sleep in case of problems with intestines, emotional problems, menopause, nervous exhaustion but also caused by irregular shifts at work or jetlags.


Why Sleep Juice?

It is an innovative and unique product with a natural base, very effective with little / no side effects, liquid form is absorbed easily, it has proven ie effectiveness in Europe where many thousands of people sleep well every night with Sleep Juice is easy to take in, And Herbs have calming effects on the body and mind.



Sambrosa Sleep Juice:  Sleep, dream and live better!

Natural base of honey and herbs!


Antihistamine doxylamine succinate (.4%) – Doxylamine Succinate is an anthihistaminic used by itself as a sedative and in combination with other drugs as night time cold and allergy relief drug.  In Canada doxylamine is used in Diclectin, which treats nausea during pregnancy.  The dosage required to induce sleep in usually around 25 mg, in Sleep Juice the dosage is around 9 mg.

California poppy: Eschscholzia californica – California poppy is often used as a sedative to aid sleep without side effects.  It can also help in case of anxiety, as it can stabilize the mind.

Hawthorn:  Crataegus oxyacantha – Hawthorn was regarded as a valuable heart remedy as far back as the middle Ages.  Hawthorn stimulates blood circulation and can therefore be good for the heart and for the preservation of a healthy blood pressure.

Hop:  Humulus lupulus – Hop is used medicinally and has a relaxing effect.  It also helps with complaints caused by menopause and relaxes the nerves.  Hop stimulates a good night rest.

Maypop / passion flower:  Passiflora incarnata – Treats insomnia and nervousness.  It can depress the central nervous system (CNS), which is responsible for tranquilizing effects.

Mistletoe: Viscum album – Mistletoe is used for headaches, dizziness, energy loss, irritability and other symptoms connected with raised blood pressure.

Oats:  Avena sativa – Oat stimulates a feeling of peace and can have a positive effect on your sleep.  Oats are one of the best sources of inositol, which is important for maintaining blood cholesterol levels.

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